Sharing is Caring

Welcome to the Evolve Health Blog. Knowledge is power and those clients who are best informed are best equipped to optimise health and manage injury. Having worked in many different countries around the world, we have gathered lots of information and tips relating to health, wellness and injury management. We have also come across various methods around dealing with pain, depending on what kinds of factors feed into the pain experience. Now we're keen to share this information as best we can, in a way that brings research and personal experience together with an open mind.

Every fortnight we hope to write a piece related to health, injury, sport or the types of therapies that are often used. We will give some useful tips on how to stay healthy and boost performance and also talk about when it's important to seek professional expertise. Remember every individual and every injury is unique and what works for you will not necessarily work for the person next to you and vice versa. Happy reading - we hope you enjoy!!