Pilates is a style of exercise that balances control, strength and flexibility of the body to facilitate most efficient movement in daily activities.

Originally founded by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s, Pilates was used to rehabilitate soldiers in World War I. He later used the same principles and techniques in training of dancers and athletes in New York. Over time the Pilates Method has travelled around the world and is known in healthcare and exercise circles as an excellent way to promote a healthy body and mind. 

The Pilates repertoire of exercises is very adaptable and modifiable to all levels of fitness. There is a large focus on posture, breathing and development of muscles the surround the spine. As such, it is considered a safe and effective style of exercise for people with back pain, pelvic dysfunction and during pregnancy. However, classes can also advance to become highly challenging and promote a unique level of fitness and balance.

Spring/Summer Schedule 2019:

Monday 7.00. - 8.00 pm, Drimoleague Hall, Drimoleague. Beginner - Intermediate Level. €10 per class.

Wednesday 6.00 - 7.00 pm, Riverside Studio, Skibbereen. Beginner - Intermediate Level. €12 per class (6 week block €60)

For further enquiries please contact Niamh on 0861619204 or niamhbrady@evolvehealth.ie