Benoy Mathew & Glen Robbins: THE ADULT HIP PATIENT: March 7-8th 2020: CORK

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Benoy Mathew & Glen Robbins: THE ADULT HIP PATIENT: March 7-8th 2020: CORK


Location: Cork City, Ireland. Venue TBD


Dates & Times: 7th-8th March 2019 9.00am to 5.00pm both days


Eligible Participants: Chartered Physiotherapists*, Registered Doctors, OCI Registered Osteopaths, CAI Registered Chiropractors

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Course Description

This 2 day course is designed for therapists who work with physically active patients with anterior hip and groin pain. The aim of the course is to provide a clear, honest and evidence based look, combined with more than 25 years of joint clinical experience at what does and does not work in the assessment and management of the active hip patient. A key goal is for the participant to leave with tools that both simplify the hip and help differential diagnoses for both articular and extra-articular pathologies of the hip.  

This hands on course will consider the evidence and how this has been integrated into practice. The active treatment section will look at manual techniques in the management of the adult hip patient and comprehensive rehabilitation of articular and extra-articular pathologies. It is designed to be highly practical and full of clinical tips that you can put into practice immediately.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Overview of the complex interaction of the groin and the hip joint including femoro-acetabular impingement, labral lesions, extra-articular pathologies and tendinopathy.

  2. Integration of the theory, current evidence and treatment tools with case studies

  3. Overview of Rehab principles following Hip Arthroscopy and Conservative Management of Articular and Extra-articular Pathologies

  4. Practical application of manual therapy in the management of hip and groin pain

  5. Understanding of the biomechanical and developmental factors leading to symptomatic FAI and clinical insights on managing complex presentation

  6. A detailed and a systematic physical examination will be covered using a novel and evidence based tool (The layering concept) for the assessment of the adult hip patient and a solid understanding of differential diagnosis

Course Tutors

Benoy Mathew, MSc, MCSP, MMACP Ben qualified as a Physiotherapist in 1998 and currently works as an Extended Scope Practitioner in the NHS and privately with running clubs. Clinically, he specialises in the management of difficult musculoskeletal and sports injuries with a particular focus on overuse young hip and knee injuries. He has a particular passion for identifying and correcting dysfunctional movement patterns that lead to overuse injuries and impair performance in the active population. (Twitter @function2fitnes)

Glen Robbins, MSc MMACP MCSP Glen is the clinical director of Hemel Physio, based in Apsley. He has completed his Masters in Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at University of Herts and is a skilled and experienced manual therapist.  He uses a combined treatment approach to help his clients optimise their rehabilitation potential including manual techniques, specialist exercise programmes and strength and conditioning for clients at all sporting levels, particularly in endurance sports. (Twitter @HemelPhysio)